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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I performed at my mom's church in early December, and Richie recorded it with his camera. I haven't posted anything from it until now, because like many performers, I don't like watching myself. However, some of you out there have requested to hear me sing before, so here I am doing my rendition of Watermark's medley of In The Garden/There Is None Like You. Enjoy!

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  1. I love you and admire you.

    I posted this on Facebook. Oh yeah...is that okay? Oops. Too late. ; ) <3

  2. Beautiful, you are a multi talented wife and mom. I had never heard that arraingment before.

  3. Richie - Thanks! And thanks for recording it!

    B-EG - You know it is. Otherwise you wouldn't've.

    I love and admire you too, Lady.

    Rohini - Thanks! *blush*

    Don - *blush some more* Thanks. Watermark as a band no longer exists, but it was made of a couple (I believe), Steve & Christy Nockels. I could be wrong. But Christy is definitely the lead singer for Watermark, and I got it off their fairwell tour album. She now does a lot of stuff with Passion. So, so awesome.

  4. Lovely arrangement, T! You are going to miss your church.


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