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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The funk has passed. The wind has changed. Yes, it brought with it about 2 inches of snow, but that is almost gone again already, thankfully!

I got snagged in the $4 clearance rack at Walmart the other night, so I now have a couple more shirts to choose from.

And, for those of you who were concerned, none of the comments in the last post had anything to do with my marriage. Jason and I are still going strong, and will be for many, many years to come.

Changes are good. They stretch. Sometimes the stretching hurts, that's all. Like birthing a baby--one has to stretch a lot for that. It hurts like you have never experienced pain before. Things never go quite back to the way they were after that. But you would not trade that experience--and it's outcome--for anything in the whole world.

Tonight, Jason is over at Magnussons', helping to paint the last bit of cement basement floor. Do you know what that means?

Tomorrow we get to start moving in!!

I am so. excited. about that.

Now, the remaining work to do on my tax return that must be started the moment my computer is set up again?

Not so much.

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  1. Blessings as you settle back into life in Canada!

  2. Yay, you'll have you're own space! We'd all love some pics of your new temporary digs I'm sure!


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