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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Is it really Thursday? Seriously? Isn't that day usually preceeded by a Monday, Tuesday, and a Wednesday? What happened to those days?

We are less than two weeks into summer, and it has already been going by with a blinding speed that leaves me dizzy. We went down to Sylvan Lake last weekend for the goings-on and family reunion surrounding Uncle Dale's funeral. As wonderful as it was to see members of Jason's family that we have rarely (or never!) seen before, I was a little sad that I didn't get to see more of my own. I spent a few hours with my dad, and got to wave at my cousin through our vehicle windows when we spotted her next to us at a traffic light. I had stayed until Monday, thinking I would get to visit with some friends before coming home, but by the time I got us all packed and did the bit of shopping I had to do, it was just time to leave. And really, after three-and-a-half days of solid socialization, I was "visited out."

So, this week is "tax" week. This statement implies that I have been working on them non-stop. Well, that is not actually the case. This is just the week I have set up as the deadline in my mind (you know, as opposed to the actual deadline which was over two months ago!) that they must be done by.

I was doing so good before we left Mena. Since we were going to be leaving on March 25, and I knew I would not be able to get them done on time if they weren't finished by then, I worked hard to get all my books caught up and ready to just plunk numbers into the tax form before I left. I almost made it. Then I had to pack my computer. (My PC, not my laptop. The information I need to do taxes is all on my PC, and not easily transferrable. Difficult to explain--you're just going to have to trust me on this one.)

So. We got to Alberta on April 17, three whole days before the tax deadline. Where was my computer? Buried in the Sea Can. Which was buried in the snow on our melting and soggy property. It was sometime in late May or early June before we even got to unpack it. Since then, there have always been about a million things to do that demanded time and attention, so although I have been progressing on books and taxes, the progress has been slow.

So this is the week. The taxes will be done. Then I can feel free to scrapbook without guilt. (I have only made three paper and three digital pages since leaving Mena. That's a total of, um, lemme count... Six pages! In four months. Pretty sad compared to my "page-a-day" goal of last year.) I can read a book! (I've had Penelope sitting on my "to-read-for-pleasure-when-I-can-do-it-without-feeling-guilty pile since February.) I've been anxious to read. And sew. And jump on the tramp. And... and... and...

Only a few hours of work left. Maybe I can get it done today. Wouldn't that be awesome?

Won't the freedom be amazing?!

Oh, wait... After that, then I have to do eBay store maintenance. Shoot! Don't tell my boss, but I might take a couple of days off for me before I start on that. My boss wouldn't like that at all.

She can be a real slave driver that way.

What are you doing with your summer vacation, friends?

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