From a Child's Perspective

Sunday, September 06, 2009

This morning, Noah was getting ready to go outside for his first "pee break" of the day (we are still having problems getting our well working) after a particularly windy, rainy night. The rain had abated, but it was still fairly breezy. (Thankfully, not too cold, though.)

"Would you like your coat, Noah?" Jason asked.

"Yep," said Noah, "'cause God's blowin' on me!"

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  1. Awww.

    This post reminds me of that picture I took of Jude & Noah together in the park.

    *giggle* Too CUTE!

  2. That's so funny-cute! What a sweetie!

  3. Rohini - I love it when kids come out with this stuff!

    Vicki - Ha ha! Just thinking of their little naked butts makes me laugh! (After I get over the embarrassment, that is!)

    Shaun - I always thought people made up all those "cute kid stories" on the e-mail chain letters! Maybe not!

    Dawn - Hee! How are you, anyway?


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