It Doesn't Matter How You Cut Your Hair

Friday, October 02, 2009

Jude had been making noises about having a mohawk for a while, probably due to the fact that his friend Elijah Gregory has been sporting one (even though I have never seen him style it.) So, the last time Jason cut Jude's hair, he agreed. Jude thinks its pretty cool, especially when he styles it all up with the blue hair glue that we have been trying to use up for years. (I bought it when he and Noah were small, just so I could have something fun to do with their hair. I think I was feeling a little miffed that my friends got to put cute bows and such in their girls' hair, whereas a boy's hair is always pretty much the same.)

Last Sunday, when Jason styled it, he was hinting that it may be getting a bit too long to make it look right already, so it's probably going to get shaved off soon.

I'm not that upset about it being gone, because although Jude hits "total meltdown mode" a lot less than he used to, when he does, all I can see is that punk hairdo. It reminds me that he is now closer to teenager-hood than baby-hood, and I only have another fourteen or so years of this to look forward to. I'm ready to "lose" the punk for while--the rebellious teens will be coming soon enough!

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  1. NO kidding! Love the do though, and the blue!

  2. Kids gotta do it at least once, it seems! Wonder how close it resembles the hairdo's of it's namesake??

  3. He can always have a faux hawk where the top part is a bit longer than the rest which is regular length. Then when he wants to let the rebel out, he can just gel it up to the middle.

    Bet he loved it!

  4. Dawn - Hmm, I'm sure you're feeling the cold draft of the teenage years even more than I am!

    Mom - It's a distant relative.

    Vicki - That is how he has currently been wearing it most of the time. We haven't got the clippers out again, yet.

  5. I love it! Remember when ti was so bad*ss to have a mohawk? (Can I say that on this blog??)


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