Saturday, October 31, 2009

This has been a pitiful scrapbooking year for me. Yes, I know I have a legitimate excuse, but honestly, even though I have had my supplies available, and time I could have spent doing it, I have mostly been sewing during my "hobby time" this year. Therefore, I am pitifully behind on Project 365, having only recently completed Week 12.

However, I'm starting to feel a bit "scrappy" again (don't worry, Honey, I won't take it out on you!), so today I spent a few hours downloading the newest free stuff from and Then, I just made this layout from the one of the gorgeous kits that the Princess had to offer.

Now, I just have to decide whether to be foolish and stay up for the extra hour afforded by the time change tonight, or go get a good night's sleep. Hmmm... Maybe I could get Week 13 done...

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  1. Wow! Great page! Even more impressive is that tree climbing dog. tee hee :)

  2. Thanks, Dawn! Hmmm... I'm thinkin' Tuffy DID jump up there, but it wasn't that far.

    How are you, friend?


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