Things To Do While You Are Sick

Saturday, October 24, 2009

  • Blog like a madwoman for a few days.
  • Begin reading Jane Austen's Emma. Neglect blog shamefully for duration.
  • Get so congested that I cannot sleep. Watch Pride & Prejudice at weird hours while waiting for sinuses to clear.
  • Try to teach school on four hours sleep the next day.
  • Break my strict "no-forwarding" rule by sending out nonsensical e-mails with some iffy anecdotal evidence about how to prevent illness to almost everyone on my e-mail list. I'm blaming the lack of sleep. Sorry if you were one of the "lucky" ones.
  • Dig up potatoes and pluck rosehips for jelly in a snowstorm. Makes sense, doesn't it?
  • Forget words frequently, thanks to sleep-deprivation.
  • Have a hallelujah breakdown when the sinus congestion finally passes. Now, instead of keeping my husband awake with a snorky nose all night, it can just be incessant coughing.
  • Oo! I remembered that peppermint oil on the tongue stops coughing! Yippee! We get to sleep at last!
  • Think fondly of last October, when we were in a much warmer, milder, less cold-prone climate.
  • Suck it up.
  • Finally get over the worst of it, only to discover that the bug has been passed on to one of my children. Spend week at home nursing child to health.
I think the main bugs have been exterminated. Hopefully, we will be better prepared next time!

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  1. Illness makes us nonsensical.

    More than usual.

    I love you. Stay better!

  2. Thank you for your gracious understanding and, I assume, forgiveness! You make me smile.

    Love you back!

  3. OK.....so give EVERYBODY a couple drops of Thieves in a capsule EVERY morning.....and...tada!!!!...no colds!!
    I love you!

  4. Yes, I forgive you for that weird email...and now I will go put away my onions.
    We're fighting something too. Coughs, aches, stuffy noses...possibly the swine flu. And that video you posted just reaffirmed in our heads that the vaccine for it is not something we're going to do. Stay well!


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