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Composition At Its Finest

Friday, November 20, 2009

The scene was the supper table. As we got started on our beef barley stew, Noah exclaimed, "Daddy! Listen to my song!"

Then, in a tune reminiscent of Baby Beluga, he sang:

"Ja-son, my dad-dy,
Ja-son, my dad-dy,
Ja-son want to be a costume piwate..."

Apparently, we have another composer in the midst. I'm kind of wondering, though--will he take after me? Or maybe Weird Al Yankovic?

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  1. I wish blogging had been around when my kids were little. I love these kinds of memories but I fear I've lost many.

  2. I understand. I recently looked through the journal I kept about the boys for 2005--the year before I discovered blogging. I think I had maybe twenty entries for the whole year. But the ease of typing, and the fun inherent in blogging, has definitely been responsible for a whole lot more memories preserved.

    You could try doing a few reminiscing posts and see what comes back...

  3. I'm glad blogging was invented too! And....I'm also glad that you're so good at it! You put smiles in my days more times than you know!!
    Love you LOTS!


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