Sunday, November 22, 2009

The trouble with organization is that you can never find anything right after you've organized it.

Oh, yeah, it's great... if you've kept things in the same spots for years. But! When you are deciding on the places that things should go on a daily basis, because you are still unpacking things without a permanent home, then it is very easy to forget where that place is almost immediately.

I cleaned my house on Friday, due to the fact that we were expecting some company yesterday to help celebrate Jabin's fourth birthday. After an hour or so at the pool with Amanda M. and her kids, we all came back here for Apple Crisp and Ice Cream (the dessert requested by the birthday boy. Well... he actually asked for apple pie, but Mommy ran out of time on that one, and the "bottom line" item for him was actually the ice cream, so I knew a slight change to apple crisp would not be a big deal. I was right.)

So my house is fairly tidy--not immaculate, but orderly enough that it is easy to see the piles of "stuff to be dealt with."

However, on Friday, I did not have time to tackle my desk. I was purposely saving that for today, for the "okay-I'm-getting-those-taxes-done-once-and-for-all" marathon. So, this afternoon, I ambitiously set about to accomplish my plan. I cleared the desk, purposely picking up several items that needed to be dealt with in their own right, purposely putting them aside and saying to myself, "No, I will deal with that after the taxes are done." (I'm a champion procrastinator. I know this about myself. I procrastinate on getting the most necessary but least-loved chores done by doing something almost-as-necessary but less-dreaded done because it is right in front of me. That's why I did this.)

There was one envelope, a large brown one, that I particularly remember saying this about. I need it to get the form out of with which I can file for re-imbursement of my home school expenses. I know I didn't put it far away.

And yet, after searching the whole house, high and low, the best I can do is to vent my frustrations on you, dear internet. Thanks for listening.

"I have not lost my mind--it's backed up on disk somewhere."

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  1. I was hoping that would work--almost immediately after finishing this post, I turned around and discovered the AWOL envelope languishing underneath the boys' MegaBloks box. YAY!

  2. LOL!

    I'll beat you at procrastination any day!

  3. ....and.....so.....are your taxes done????

  4. You should try my organizational system...I keep paper "stuff" in only three places...piles rather. Anytime I need those all important papers/receipts/invoices/etc I just dig (literally) through the three piles. Glad you found what you were searching for!


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