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What Holidays Are Made Of...

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Pancake breakfasts

Board games

Card games

Snow play

  • time with friends
  • completed sewing projects
  • late-night family movies
  • late-morning family Wii games
  • Walks in the snow
  • Long phone conversations with friends and family
How are your holidays going?

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  1. Well, if you're going to be far away from us at least you're having a great time! Our holidays have been SO nice. They always are - even though they're minus YOU.

  2. That's so great Jude plays Settlers with you! Wish we were there!!!

  3. I want latkes. With LOTS of sour cream.

    I wonder what the boys think of this winter compared to last winter...

    PS...Is J's dog preparing to make poo there in the background??? LOL!

    Great pictures! Thank you for sharing.

    And thanks for the wee chuckle too.


  4. Colleen - Oh, our NYE was so lonely and cold without you! We ended up staying in, as the place we were supposed to go canceled kind of last-minute. I thought of you guys, though! Happy New Year!

    Dawn - We just taught him, and he loves it! Yay! The younger two got bored pretty quickly, though--still a bit over their heads. We'll ease them into it! :-D We wish you were here, too! Or us there--whatever. The weather's about the same either way!

    Vicki - LOTS of sour cream is the only way to consume latkes. Or applesauce. That's the other only way! ;-)

    I think Koda was straining against his leash, but you never know... maybe!

    Happy New Year, everyone!


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