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Day At The Races

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Every year, the AWANA club has a Grand Prix race. The cars are created out of a hunk of wood, some plastic wheels and some ingenuity.

This year, our boys knew what they wanted. Jude sanded and painted his (except for the lightning bolt and the windows), and was quite proud of the stripes. He placed 6th in his class for Originality.

Jabin did his own blue/purple base coat, and I filled in the details.

Noah, the perfectionist, knew he wanted Mario Kart, but would rather have left his car blank than painted it imperfectly himself. So I painted it. He was beyond thrilled with the results. It was worth it.

Of the three, Noah's was also the fastest!

Ready to Race!

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  1. Fantastic! This reminds me of the Cub Car races the Scouts do every year.

  2. Those are great! I didn't know that AWANA still did this - kids just love it! So boy. :)

  3. Those cars look so cool! I can just imagine the noise and excitement as those cars were barreling towards the finish line!! Didja take a movie?

  4. Hmmm....I'm not sure why I was signed in as "info", but the above comment is from me....just so ya know.

  5. B-EG - Yah, it's probably much the same. I think a few different clubs do similar things--it is so fun, and allows for some friendly competition and creativity.

    Colleen - Does that mean that you, too, were once a clubber? I never heard of AWANA until I joined our current church.

    Mom - I wondered. That happened on another post, too, but I figured no one else would be signing off with "LY", so it must be you.

    No movies--I took a few pictures of the cars on the tracks, but they are not great. Someday, oh someday, I shall get a better camera... Sigh.


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