Five Random Things Monday: Jason

Monday, February 01, 2010

I recently saw this idea in a scrapbooking magazine--jot down five random facts about your life and who you are. Great idea! I thought. Why not do it for the whole family? We all change over time, and I think we would all like to look back at a little "snapshot" of who we were at certain times in our lives.

I decided to start with Jason, by right of him being the head of our family, as well as getting the least personal attention on this blog, in general. (This is due to him being the least willing photo subject in our family!)

  1. Pumpkin Pie: Hands-down, this is the man's favourite dessert. It is followed closely by Chocolate Chip Cookies. I don't make either very often, which he occasionally laments, but even if I made them both every week, I get the feeling it still would not be often enough!
  2. Bike Trip: Jason and my second-cousin Mark (yes, Colleen's Mark) once rode their bikes from Sylvan Lake to Thetis Island (near Vancouver) for Bible college at Capernwray. For those of you not aware of the geography between those two locations, it meant riding over every mountain range between the plains and the Pacific Ocean! He says that after that trip, his legs were in the best shape of his life!
  3. UFC: This is Jason's current sport of choice to follow. He no longer makes a date to go watch hockey games or golf matches at people's houses (we don't really have any TV channels to speak of), but I can count on at least one evening every month when he will be "out with the guys" watching UFC. And plenty of nights in between watching interviews with the fighters on the internet.
  4. Career: Jason's career path is taking another turn, as he is beginning a new job today. After exactly a year working for his friend Wes, he is beginning a job back in the IT industry today for one of the school divisions. He is filling a newly-created position as the "first contact" tech guy for all of the schools in the whole division. Part of the "breaking-in" process will include some traveling to the schools to see how they are all set up. Some of the schools are so remote, they are fly-in only! But, other than that, he gets to leave later, he will be home earlier, and he will actually get a few weeks holidays every year. He is excited for the new challenge, and to be back in (one of) his fields of training.
  5. Coffee: Like myself, Jason did not start drinking coffee until college, much preferring tea. However, there is nothing like long hours of working and studying and exams to inspire a serious caffeine habit! Also like myself, a plain cuppa java is not his idea of a tasty beverage. Adding plenty of sugar and cream (I use honey, but Jason doesn't like honey in his coffee) makes it palatable, but still not a first choice. He has had many periods over the years where he has not drunk much coffee, but the last year has not been one of them! It is awkward to bring tea and honey and cream to work all the time, and the availability of free coffee right there in the station all day every day made it all too convenient to imbibe! He has been tossing around the idea of going on a "coffee cleanse"--you know, before anyone at the new job knows that he drinks it! I guess we'll see how that goes...

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  1. All the best to Jason for his new job.

  2. So far 2 days no coffee. 2 days of headaches as the body goes through withdrawal. Atleast I think it is the coffee. Either way I wish the headache would go away.


  3. Things I knew and didn't know about Jason! I can't imagine biking through the mountains and yet ... Mark talks about it still, hoping to include me this time!

    Jason! May your headaches be over with and your job transition be smooth and may the wind be at your back, etc, etc!


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