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Kitty Cuteness

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One of Nala's favourite sleeping spots lately seems to be our bathroom sink. Odd, isn't it?

Well, at least it was her favourite, until she didn't vacate quickly enough once or twice and got an impromptu shower! I think she has wised up since this photo was taken.

And, who can resist two cute boys with two cute kitties?

Not me!

(I'm not sure Nala is actually enjoying this, although she really does not mind being handled like a baby--she loves when I hold her on her back in my arms for a cuddle and a pet. Weird, but really perfect for a house cat with small children.)

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  1. Your kitties are getting so BIG! Jabin looks like he wasn't real happy about something?? Or it was just the 'tween expression?

  2. Mom - Jabin was probably a little sleepy. The kitties need to be FIXED! I'm just thankful Nala hasn't gone into heat, yet.

    B-EG - They are quite pretty. I am thankful they turned out that way--although, I think most kitties would have pretty coats if they got to eat good food all the time.


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