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Saturday, February 06, 2010

"Mom, I've got everything I need for an adventure here in my bag," came Jude's voice from behind me. I turned around from where I was peeling potatoes for supper, recognizing the explorer bag I had made for his fifth birthday "safari party". He started pulling things out and itemizing them. "Animal book [also from the party, containing information on Africa and African mammals], water, flashlight, knife, pirate bracelet..."

"Wow, you sure do sound prepared! Where are you going?"


"Cool!" I said.

He went and got the globe and set it on the dining room table. "I think it will take three days to get there. We'll go to Antarctica on the first day, then to China on the second day, then to Africa."

"That's quite the scenic route... When will you be back?"

"By supper."


Jabin eventually joined in the fun. They sat happily at the kitchen table, describing their route and adventures for the next half an hour. But they hadn't actually got past China by the time supper was ready. Better planning next time, I guess!

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  1. What great imaginatins!! And who knows, perhaps one day your three boys really will be travelling the globe in search for adventure. :)

  2. Right now I'm in the Maldives of My Mind and won't be back till ... never. :) I'm sorry to hear they didn't get to Africa - maybe tomorrow?

  3. That's a cool way to spend some time! China sounds like fun too! And like Colleen said, maybe they'll make it to Africa tomorrow.

  4. B-EG - That's pretty much what I said, too.

    Dawn - I'm bracing myself for the very real possibility. With such adventuresome parents, I really hope they do live their own adventures, too--even though it means that we will see them much less.

    Colleen - This actually happened over a week ago. They have never tried to pick up their adventure to Africa--but this morning, they have been knights in armour, grooming horses and having adventures. So much fun!

    Mom - See the comment to Colleen. :-D

  5. On a side note, T, I saw this and thought of you and your boys - a really neat idea. :)

  6. Colleen - I LOVE it! I'm going to have my brain perculating on the best way to do that kind of thing for my boys--and maybe my husband, and myself! What a neat "snapshot"--a picture that's worth a few more words than a thousand, I guess! ;-)


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