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Hugs for His Feet

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I finished Noah's socks last Tuesday. They were much quicker than Jabin's, as I used a larger yarn and needle size.

Okay, "much" might be pushing it. It took two weeks to make Jabin's socks. It only took 11 days to make Noah's.

That night, when he got home from school, I told him that his socks were done.

"Can I try them?" he asked excitedly.

"You betcha!"

He put them on immediately. "They fit me!" he exclaimed. "I love them!"

Thursday night, I insisted that he must take them off at last and put them in the laundry.

I'm not sure what his reasons are--whether because it was a gift made just for him, or that he really just loves the woolly warmth of the socks (or maybe the colourful stripes?)--but I am glad he likes them so much.

After all, since I pour love into every stitch, it's like making hugs for his feet.

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  1. Aww! You make me want to pull the needles back out.

  2. Those are SO GREAT! I love the colors and the pattern. Nice job, T! I can crochet, but knitting - alas - continues to elude me, so I'm tossing lots of extra respect your way.

  3. B-EG - So... didja? ;-)

    Kelly - Thanks! Has anyone showed you the "other" way to knit? (e.g. Continental or British, whichever you weren't shown.) When I am teaching knitting, I always try teaching people Continental (yarn in left hand) first, because it works out to be faster when you are good at it, but then I show them how to do British if they just can't get the knack. (Wrapping the yarn seems to throw a lot of people.) Sometimes that makes all the difference in the world.

    And thanks! I loved the colours, too--which is why I'm thinking that sock knitting might become the latest incarnation of my obsession. (More explanation of that in tomorrow's post.) (Like my teaser?)

  4. Yup, those look like Noah socks!
    Love the bright colors!


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