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Monday, April 05, 2010

Jason had an extra-long weekend this weekend, with both Friday and Monday off. With me still being a bit "under the weather", this has been especially nice.

But, in all honesty, the weather has nothing to do with it. In fact, we have been watching the last remnants of snow melt away from the shadows, and our yard dry up over the weekend. The sun has been inspiring lots of motivation to get started on the umpteen spring projects I've been thinking about all winter. Here is just a smattering from the list I put together for myself for the weekend (just so I would remember them all):

  • Build chicken brooder
  • Build chicken tractor
  • Make garden box covers (to protect against the deer)
  • Make a proper compost bin
  • Make front room drapes (The sun is back, and already there are days where our living room is a bit unbearable--we need some kind of solar regulation, here!)
  • Build clothesline
  • Trench phone lines (Looking forward to no more dropped cell calls!)
  • Build a permanent chicken coop (for winter)
  • Plant garden
  • Build porch (This is actually Jason's project exclusively)
  • Maybe even build a root cellar?
That's besides whatever landscaping and other yard improvement work we can squeeze in.

I just have to remind myself: Rome wasn't built in a day. Neither does the Winters Homestead need to be.

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  1. These thoughts exhaust me.

    Remember. That's what's going to happen when you get old.

    You'll feel exhausted just thinking about extreme hard physical work.

  2. You guys rock! What a list!!
    Michael just said, "I think we need to go visit them..." He also says to look up Joel Salatin and all his farming techniques. He has some interesting videos on You Tube you'll find helpful.

  3. B-EG - That's happening already, but you do what you gotta do, right?

    Dawn - Oh, do come visit, do! I have heard of Joel Salatin, thanks to a very intriguing book I just finished (which I keep meaning to review here) called The Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith. I had no idea I could find his videos on YouTube, thank you! I'll be checking those out for sure.

    You guys already have such a good start on your little homestead--are you thinking about chickens this year? You've had some poultry before, haven't you?

  4. Go girl!! .....I'm guessing you won't be doing so much knitting during the summer as your hands will be finding lots of other things to do. (giggle) Love you!!

  5. Mom - Sadly, you are probably right--even this past week, I have noticed my knitting time suffering already. That's okay, though--I'll still have soccer games to knit through, so I won't go into complete withdrawals. Also, I've been kind of wrapping up my "winter" projects, so anything I get done over the summer is a bonus! I actually have some sewing I've been wanting to do (including our drapes), so it might be good that the knitting will be going by the wayside.

    'Tis the season!


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