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Noah's Story

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Noah has turned into such a story-teller lately. The difficult thing is trying to figure out exactly what he is is talking about, because he usually forgets to mention all details of context. For instance, he will suddenly start up a conversation with something along these lines:

"The guy said, 'It's just business!'" and then he'll start laughing hysterically. This is where having a knowledge of what's been going on lately helps.

"What guy, Noah?"

"On da movie!"

"Oh! On Monsters vs. Aliens?"

"Yeah, yeah! Da guy says, 'It's just business!'" More laughter.

"Oh." Definitely had to be there for that one, I guess.

Noah's been a little "under the weather" over the weekend with some kind of stomach bug, and has thus been a little more difficult to understand than usual. However, this morning he is almost as perky as usual, and although his appetite seems to be a little off, he was making up for some lost time with his stories. The one he came up with at breakfast time, while still off-the-wall (like so much of what he says), at least had some coherence to it, and made me giggle. Here is an interpretation of it (since he was still rambling a bit), not an exact quote:

"Mom, gophers live in the ground! And if they push a button, then the floor, and the carpet, and the chairs, and the table, they will all fall into the ground!"

(He starts looking around.) "And the coats and the boots, too! They will all fall into the ground, and then--"

My memory of what came next is a little fuzzy, partly because I think the train of thought got a little fuzzy, too. I just asked Noah if he remembered what happened next, and he doesn't, either! I do remember it only got crazier from there, and I'm pretty sure it involved a fight and someone coming to save us. And of course, Noah ended up laughing hysterically.

Where do kids come up with this stuff?

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  1. lol Funny guy. Maybe a comedian in the making?

  2. Someday he'll write children's books! 'Cause kids will know what he's talking about.

  3. B-EG - I could see that!

    Mom - ... "'Cause no one else does!" Ha! You didn't have to finish it... I knew what you meant! :-D


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