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Better a Brother Close By

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Mom, come outside!" came Jude's voice through the window screen. "We want to show you something!"

I stepped out the front door. And what a beautiful sight:

Noah was doing so well on Jude's bike that Jude decided to take the training wheels off of Noah's bike. He ran and grabbed the wrenches from the shed and set to work.

Time for another go! Noah did even better with his own bike! It's a little too small, instead of being a fair amount too big (which is how Jude's bike fit).

I'm proud of both of these boys--Noah, for learning how to ride a bike without training wheels, and Jude, for taking the initiative and helping his brother out in so many ways.

After Noah was tired of riding, Jude actually put the training wheels back on so Jabin could try riding a "big bike" instead of a tricycle, then took them off again when he was done.

You know, that kid can be pretty thoughtful when he wants to be. It makes him seem so "grown up."

I LOVE it!

(Do you love our "very redneck" rusty Seacan and yard piles in the background? Hee hee!)

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