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Friday, October 15, 2010

Okay, folks. We caught our first glimpse of Nala's kittens on Monday--long enough to snap a photo of the little guys, who were two weeks old and sleeping like, well, babies. We didn't pick them up, and the counting was quick, so in that mass of neutral colours, we are not sure how many heads and tails actually existed. One thing's for certain--Nala didn't hold back on her first litter!

Nala's Kittens October 10, 2010 

How many kittens are there? Leave your answer in the comments or e-mail me.

We will be going in to check on them again this weekend, and at three weeks old, I have many less qualms about handling and counting them.

Contest closes next Friday, October 22 at 4:00 p.m. MST.

Prizes: A cute, cuddly kitten!* Good while supplies last...


A $10 gift certificate to Amazon.com or Amazon.ca. (Only one of these will be awarded.)

All correct answers will be thrown into a draw for the giveaway. All other answers... Sorry, "close, but no kitty!" Well, not unless you ask really nicely!

*Kittens will not be deliverable until approx. November 27. Will deliver to local area only, or to Red Deer area in 3rd week of December. Don't worry--if you want to play, and don't want a kitten, I will not dump one on your doorstep!! I promise! (Mwahahahaha!!!)

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  1. I count seven! Have fun with your kitties!

  2. Seven was what I got too. Wish I could take one!! Our babies would love a kitty. :)

  3. This is so funny! I see 7! They are so cute :)

  4. 8. There are 8 cats. Ah ahh ahhh

    Also: I do not require a kitten, I have 2 cats and am out of your delivery range anyway.

  5. Ok there were supposed to be closing tags for [/TheCount] and [/SesameStreet] at the obvious place in the above comment, but apparently blogger decided they were html tags and hid them :P

  6. I count 8. Would love a kitten but can't have as 3 of the grandchildren are allergic

  7. I believe there are 7. Do you think FedEx would let you ship 'em like chicks? You know, a little box with holes...just kidding. ;)

  8. Haha! I'm glad to see you got responders, hoping to win your blog contest!

    Finding homes for unexpected pets can be tough. Looks like you'll have no trouble though!


  9. I see seven ... and dead people ....



  10. Haha. I'm not guessing. I'm not in the market for kittens. I have two dogs and I've decided after having pets since I can remember that these will be my last ones.



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