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Good Things Come In Sevens

Monday, November 01, 2010

I discovered something this past week.

Kittens are really really hard to photograph. They are worse than kids, because they are faster. And they don't know how to sit and pose for you! At least a kid, by the time they are mobile, has seen a camera enough times that they will occasionally humour you when you whip it out. Not so with three- and four-week-old kittens.

There are seven of the little furballs--five male, two female. Congrats to those of you who deciphered it correctly! The winner of the draw for the Amazon.com gift certificate is....

Jamie R!

Now for some pictures, so that you can enjoy all that kitty cuteness vicariously.

I have four kittens spoken for. That means THREE are still available to you, oh Cuddly Kitten-Lover! I have labelled the kittens in several pictures, so that those of you wanting one can let me know which ones to set aside for you. The names were made up for labelling only, and are NOT actual names of the kittens! You are welcome to name them whatever you wish!

"Shadow" and "Patches" are the two females. (Shadow is not in the first group shot.)

 These photos taken one week ago, at 4 weeks old. This was their first time in the house, so they weren't too adventurous.

DSC01770 cropped web

DSC01769 cropped web

DSC01765 web

"Fluffy" seems to be the feistiest little boy. Here he is, hissing at the nerve of me:
DSC01762 cropped web

These photos taken today, at 5 weeks old. The kittens are definitely feeling more comfortable around us, and were starting to play while they were in the house today. Here is Shadow, checking out the situation from the safety of the box we transport them in:
DSC01785 cropped enhanced web

Fluffy: Even fluffier than before!
DSC01782 cropped web

Patches: "Are you finished, yet?! This is only fun for one of us, I'm sure!"
DSC01787 cropped web

Also in the realm of "sevens", this is my 700th blog post. I'm not sure what kind of a landmark that is, but it just seems like such a nice celebratory number. So, Happy Something, Winters' Day In!

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  1. Tawny is absolutely adorable!! If he's still there when I come up next spring, I'll take him off your hands ...... or wait for her next batch!!

  2. Happy Something indeed! Very cute kitties. If we were closer I imagine we could be convinced quite easily to take one home. And congrats on your award by the way. And on your musical writing. Praying for you!

  3. Oh, such purdy kitties!

    Kittens steal my heart but I'm really not a cat person. They're nice to pet and such when I go out visiting but I remember sleep overs in high school where the dang things would sleep on my face. Ug.

    Also, while my dogs shed, when they shed it just becomes dust bunnies in remote corners. I can't handle cat hair that sticks to everything; furniture, clothing, jackets, bedding, carpet and eventually gets into your vehicle upholstery too.

    But DANG those kittens are CUTE!

    Their markings are beautiful too. Lucky kitten winners!


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