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Sunday, November 28, 2010

So, I meant to blog this a year ago, when I recorded it. I forgot. And I may have pulled my usual stunt of being overly-critical of my own voice. Oh, well. I wrote the song to be an encouragement. Be encouraged, my friends.

Are you ready for your leap of faith?


He Is Holding You
Words and Music by Talena Winters
Copyright 2009.

Every life has moments such as these
When you're hanging from the trapeze
The known a thin bar beneath your knees
But He is holding you

You don't see the net that's down below
You're just terrified of letting go
Take your leap of faith and you'll know
That He is holding you

Your ship may be safe in harbour
But that's not what ships are for
So let it go, let it go

Now you're flying high through the air
New horizons opening everywhere
You're no longer afraid to dare
'Cause he is holding you.

He is holding you
He is holding you
He is holding you
He is holding you.

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  1. Thank you. Exactly the encouragement I needed today as my dog undergoes cancer surgery

  2. mrsmouse - I am so glad you were blessed! I will pray for you today!


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