Gain Some, Lose Some

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Well, most of our animals made it through the winter, which is good news. Our hens will be really glad when the surplus roosters get the ax, though. (As soon as there is a patch of ground that is clear, girls, I promise!)

So, here is the spring roll call in comparison to last fall:

Dogs: Koda (original) plus Sunshine (Surprise!) = 2
Cats: 3 given away, 3 dead, 3 remaining
Chickens: 2 dead (by Sunshine's paws--or rather, teeth)
People: No change. (Well, we gained a little--but not in numbers of heads! ;-D)

I was very sad when Nala, my sweet sucky female cat, disappeared without a trace a few weeks ago. However, we still have one of her female kittens, a pretty long-haired calico named Patches. Unfortunately, Patches is not keen on being picked up, petted--or even touched. At least her brother Samson seems to be a little more friendly. That's what happens with barn cats, I guess. (Or, in our case, "shed cats.")

DSC02423 cropped web.jpg
Uncle Simba soaking up the Spring Sun.

DSC02425 cropped enhanced web.jpg
Samson and Patches enjoy the warmth, but stick a little closer to shelter.

DSC02401 cropped web.jpg
Sunshine the "Surprise Dog". Yes, she is a cat-chaser. Thus, the kittens' reason for staying "close to home" (see above).

DSC02415 for web.jpg
Cat-chaser, chicken-killer, but people-lover. This is one sweet, loyal dog. AND! She stays home!!!

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  1. Paul! Good to "hear" from you! I see you've moved your site. How are things in your part of Colorado, anyway? :-)


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