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Monday, May 23, 2011

I was standing in front of the bathroom mirror, my fingers tangled in my hair, just beginning to try and wrestle it into a French Braid for the day. Jabin walked in, grinning as usual, took one glance at me and said, "Mommy, you look pretty!"

I'm not sure what inspired the comment--maybe the fact that for his first view of me for the day, I already had my clothes on and my hair was at least brushed. I certainly don't look like anything special today, with my work jeans and nondescript green T-shirt. After a second glance, he changed his mind.

"Actually, you look beautiful!" he said, as he waltzed over to the toilet, dropped his pants and sat. Normally, I would chastise him for doing that while I am standing there (we are still working on the whole "ask-other-people-to-leave-the-bathroom-before-you-do-your-business" concept), but I was so distracted by all the compliments that I just smiled and said, "Thanks, buddy!"

I looked at him and grinned. He looked at me, hands holding the seat to keep him from "falling in", and grinned a crinkle-eyed, silly grin at me.

"You look smiley this morning," I teased him.

"I always look smiley!" he said. "Maybe when I was a baby, you should have called me 'Smiley'!"

"Sometimes I did," I remarked.

"I mean, as my name, instead of 'Jabin'." He hopped up and flushed, remembering to close the lid, at least.

"Oh. Well, that's not usually a name people give their babies. It's more of a nickname. We could call you that now, if you'd like." He laughed and ran to get dressed. (Oops! Forgot to wash his hands, too!)

As astute as it was to observe that about himself, he still hasn't noticed that he already gets called "Smiley" about half the time! ;-) It'll come, I'm sure!

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