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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Well, in amongst all my other goings-on, I have been working away at testing some of my hat designs from this spring. Today, I finally got a knitting pattern into my Etsy store. You can find this at www.mysecretwish.ca.

I have actually made another hat for myself, but am too impatient to wait until I get good photos taken of it before I put this in the store. I will add those photos later.

So, here it is, in all its glory: the Lucy Pevensie Tam! You can also find it on Ravelry here. Go check it out. And then buy it. :-)

Here is the tam being modelled by the adorable Zoe.

Lucy Pevensie Tam

DSC02522 web.jpg 

Knitting has been therapy lately--as I wait, and wait, and wait for our house to be moved. Now that this is done, I guess it is time to start working on the next pattern! (Since it looks like the move will not be until at least next week, now.)
But Lord, I stopped praying for patience a LONG time ago!... :-) 

Okay, done whining now.

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