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Planning Ahead

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

As I was sitting checking my e-mail just now, Jude came up to my desk and noticed the cute little owl baby hat I had finished last night which is now sitting beside my laptop.

"Cute hat," he said. "Who's it for?"

"No one in particular, just yet. I just managed to finally finish it last night," I replied. Noah came over to see what we were talking about.

"Is it for a baby?" Noah asked.


"Is it for when we grow up and have babies, for our babies?" he wondered.

Sometimes Noah makes comments that show he is thinking into the future like this. Usually, they are more along the lines of, "When I am an adult, then I'll like mushrooms." This "thinking of his future children" is a new one.

"Probably, when you grow up and have babies, I will make whole new hats for your babies," I said, giving him a squeeze.

"Or the mom will make the hats?" He stumbled over what relationship he should assign to the mother of his future children--I could tell he was looking for a different word, but couldn't think of it.

"She would be your wife. Maybe she will make hats, but not all moms knit and make things like I do. Some do other things instead, and that's okay. I guess we'll have to wait and see."

"Maybe I can get her a coat. I'll get us both coats," he said. Why he is planning his wardrobe twenty years in the future, I have no idea. I like that he is already thinking about this so-far-fictional woman in such generous terms, though.

"Will they match?" I asked.

"Yeah. Except hers will be pink and mine will be green."

Cool. I bet he'll get a chuckle reading this post when he's older...

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  1. That's too cute! He will have a happy wife one day! That is if she's the kind that likes matching coats!!

  2. Yeah--it DOES take a certain type, doesn't it? :-D


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