Another Year, Another Milestone

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Despite the mile-high stack of items still on my summer "to-do" list, summer has had the indecency to wander off with barely a "hey, how's it going?" or even a "here, would you like some good weather to remember me by?" She's kind of sanguine that way.

And that means that fall has sidled in the front door, silent as a cat. I noticed him sitting at my table the other day drinking his tea as though it was the most natural thing in the world to have the leaves changing, the days cool, and the "back-to-school" sales breaking out all over town.

Jude's first day of school is tomorrow. He is actually going to school this year, as opposed to staying home for it, and he is very very excited. He has been setting his alarm for 7:00 a.m. all week (which means we have all been waking up then, for the alarm is loud, screeching, and annoying to the -nth degree). The school shoes and new backpack have been bought, the lunch is packed, the bussing arrangements are arranged. Now, if only he could sleep! ;-)

Noah and Jabin are pretty excited about school, too. Their math and printing workbooks came in the mail yesterday, and they begged until I let them do a few pages from each today. We are not officially beginning our home school until Monday, as I have other things to finish up and some last-minute preparations before then, but it was pretty easy to oversee their activities today while I was going about my own.

As far as our housing situation, we are still trying to get our addition here. (I'm praying that that happens this weekend!) However, the trailer itself is feeling a little homier every day. The kitchen cabinets are now painted, and I was re-hanging them tonight. All I have left to paint now is the bathroom and some of the trim around the house. Once the addition comes, it will also need paint. And new flooring, which has been bought and is waiting patiently to be unrolled.

This whole moving thing is a pain. Whose idea was it, anyway? :-)

Well, I better go try and settle down a little earlier tonight than I have been. I am not sure who finds it harder to adjust from a Northern summer to a Northern fall--the kids, or me! However, despite the fact that it is WAY too short of a season at this latitude, it is still one of my favourite times of year.

"I love [Peace River] in the fall. If I knew where you lived, I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils." - Joe Fox, You've Got Mail (slightly altered by yours truly)

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