Suddenly Busy Part 2

Friday, August 05, 2011

The next morning, we got up early and continued preparing for the move that we hoped and prayed would be happening within hours. (I guess it was a good thing that it hadn't happened the previous day--we wouldn't have been ready!)

The first step of the move was to transfer our old trailer from its previous location to blocks in another part of our yard. Because it wasn't going far, and we didn't really have another place to store everything, most of our stuff and all of our furniture were staying in the house.

We thought that was a good plan. The movers didn't. They muttered something about insurance not covering it if the frame folded in half, but we really had no other option, so we said to go ahead and do it anyway.

There were some pretty interesting moments in the process of moving that heavy trailer on the soft ground, but by mid-afternoon it was done, and the frame hadn't even creaked. We were hopeful that the next day would see our new home sitting on the location that had just been vacated. We had to wait to see if the movers would have time the next day, as they seem to be contracted to a local mobile home company, who get first priority.

It was about 9 p.m. last Thursday night that we got the call that yes, we could move our new house the next morning. The drive to get there takes about two hours, so they wanted to get an early start. We were to meet them in P.R. at 7 a.m. so we could guide them to our destination! Also, the new house would need a different hitch than our old one had, so we would have to stop along the way and hope that there was the right kind available. (Why can't they standardize these things?!)

So, bright and early, we got started. To make a long story a little briefer, we did get our new trailer that day, but not the addition, which will be moved a little later. There were some interesting moments with that one, too, so it didn't pull into our driveway until about 4:30 in the afternoon. We beat some heavy rain to get it blocked up, which Jason did while I grabbed a couple of tarps from home, a ladder, hammer, and nails and headed BACK down to where we had just got it from to cover up the exposed insulation on the side of the addition. (About 8-9 hours of driving for me that day. Whee!)

After a very, very long day, we sank into bed, completely exhausted, but excited to know that we were finally making progress in our move--and ready for another long day in the van when we woke up, as we were heading to Sylvan Lake for the weekend. Jason's grandpa had passed away in February, and the memorial service was being held in Red Deer on the Sunday, so we knew that all the work we were wanting to do to set up our new place would have to wait until we got home.

On Saturday, we were on the road again, heading for sunnier Central Alberta.

To be continued again! :-D

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  1. Just admit it, you're trying to write this as a made-for-TV 22 episode season, aren't you?

  2. It's coming'.....praise the Lord!
    Love you!
    See you soon.


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