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On a Warm Fall Afternoon...

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A few photos taken on our afternoon outside today, around the yard and around the field.

DSC03502 web.jpg
An invitation to play!

DSC03517 web.jpg
Sunshine cools off.

DSC03522 web.jpg
Prince of the castle.

DSC03534 web.jpg
Look at these sweet faces! (You can see the decimated corn and peas behind them.)

DSC03545 web.jpg

DSC03547 web.jpg
This activity was by Jude's request!

DSC03559 web.jpg
Noah inspecting our dugout, which is still pretty wet in the middle.

DSC03564 web.jpg
Jude and Noah were either looking for frogs, or trying to figure out where the dogs had disappeared to in all that tall grass!

DSC03575 web.jpg

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  1. Fun afternoon! Thanks for sharing. Love you lots!


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