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That Time of Year...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

'Twas school picture day. The photographer: Mom, of course!

The backdrop: Nature's gorgeous fall desolation.

The subjects: adorable.

DSC03640 web.jpg 

DSC03661 web.jpg 

DSC03720 cropped web.jpg 

DSC03684 cropped web.jpg 

DSC03738 web.jpg 

DSC03695 cropped web.jpg  

And a little goofy. 

DSC03774 web.jpg

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  1. SOOOOO adorable!! I'll see you next week! Lotsa love to you and yours.

  2. Too cute! And nice photo work T!

  3. Ack! They're awesome! 'Specially love the last one. Good catch, Tea!


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