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Holiday Time

Monday, December 19, 2011

As of Friday, I started my holiday break. Not that I will be doing nothing for at least a few more days--I have to finish catching up on my books for the year. While I am not as far behind as I was at this point last year (I have, at least, started them this year, after all), it will likely consume the better part of the rest of my week.

However, to celebrate and get into the spirit of "I-get-a-break" time, I did a little scrapbooking this weekend. First, two layouts using photos I had printed of renovations in 2006, just to get back into the groove. Sorry, haven't scanned 'em, but they weren't anything fancy anyway--basically putting old blog posts on paper. Then, a digital layout of two of my sweet boys:

Expect to see more coming! :-)

It could be an interesting week--we'll see if these same two boys can remember how to play together creatively without Mommy "directing traffic" 24/7, as they will be having to find their own entertainment (which I am adamant will not include any more video games or movies than normal) while I work. Jude will be on holidays starting Thursday, so that gives Jabin and Noah three days to get their creative brains in gear. I guess we'll see how the week goes! :-)

Happy Monday, friends!

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  1. (Smile).....love & miss you guys! Have a great week.


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