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The Joys of Boys

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

"Ow!" yelled Jabin, clutching his eye and looking accusingly at his eldest brother.

"You're just not used to pillow-fighting, Jabin. Here, I'll train you!" volunteered Jude while raising his weapon.

Does anyone else see how this could go from bad to worse, or is it just me?


"'Jetaport?'" I asked, noting the name Jude had written on the whiteboard to keep track of his UNO points.

"It's my superhero name!" he told me.

"I want to use my superhero name, too!" declared Jabin immediately.

"Okay, what is it?" I asked.

"How do you spell 'Super'?" he replied instead of telling me.

"S, u, p, e, r... What are you writing?"

"Super Jabin!"


Noah, entering the room, said, "I'm going to use my superhero name, too! Super Noah!"

"How original," Jason remarked drily.

At least one of our sons has caught on to the purpose of a superhero name--anonymity.

The other two seem to be following the example of Larryboy.


"Hey!" exclaimed Noah, pointing at the open can of tuna that Jude had on the table to make his sandwich with. "There really are cans of tuna, just like in Calvin and Hobbes!"

"Yep," smiled Jason to himself. It is difficult not to be amused when a child discovers that yes, there are true things in their entertainment forms, too. I chuckled from my chair in the living room, where I was finishing up yet another sock for Jabin.

"I know why they are called 'tunafish'!" piped up Jabin.

"Why?" asked Jason, humouring him.

"Because people catch them and kill them and then we eat them!"

"And that's why they're called 'tunafish'? Really?"


I wish I was six, just for a day, so I could know everything, too.

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