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Lego Troy

Thursday, January 26, 2012

It seems like the marketing folks at Lego have been busier than ever these days, licensing and creating characters from all sorts of popular franchises. I should know, since as the mother of three boys, we own sets from Lego Star Wars, Lego Batman, and Lego Alien Nation (or Alien Invaders, or something--not so clear on the last one.) They also, mostly through purchases with their own money (and some generous gifts from the grandparents), own video games of Lego Batman, Lego Star Wars, Lego Star Wars II, Lego Indian Jones, and Lego Pirates of the Caribbean. In fact, unless you have a Lego store near you (or near your brother, who is willing to shop for his nephews! :-D) with those cool "Buy-Lego-bulk bins," it is nigh unto impossible to find a generic Lego set of any sort!

Well, Lego people, you may be raking in the big bucks on your licensing, but here's one you missed when the trend was right: Lego Troy.

Here is an example of the what the set could look like:

DSC04184 web.jpg

DSC04174 web.jpg

DSC04177 web.jpg

However, I recommend making the set larger, or using those little mini-lego guys, since our Trojan Horse was only big enough inside to fit the Lego Batman character The Penguin inside. (His legs are short, so he just squeaked in!) The boys didn't seem to mind, though--they piled Storm Troopers, Robin, and various other miniature men (even a monkey) onto, under, and around the horse.

DSC04179 web.jpg

Jabin was a little fuzzy later on what it was we had actually created, but Noah remembered most of the day's history lesson about the Trojan War. Even I learned something--did you know that after the ten-year war was finally over, Helen actually went back home with Menelaus and "they lived together peacefully for many years?" How would that work, do you think? (Also, Paris died during the war, and she then married Paris' brother--a brother that was left out of the movie, I'm guessing. So, after marrying two other men, she then goes home with her legitimate husband, and they have a peaceful relationship?! I dunno. I really gotta read The Iliad--it's only been on my shelf for ten years!! Ha!)

DSC04182 web.jpg

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