Definition of Delight

Friday, February 24, 2012

DSC04333 web.jpg

A box of yarny goodness, arriving in my mailbox just in time for the weekend!

... And the next cold snap! :-)

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  1. Actually, in the interests of furthering the cause of Correctness, the definition of delight is as follows:

    de·light [ di lt ]
    joy: great enjoyment and pleasure
    somebody or something giving joy: somebody or something that brings somebody great enjoyment and pleasure
    give joy to somebody: to give somebody great enjoyment and pleasure

    or this

  2. Logan - I'd say this post fits right into the second definition. You could just insert the photo there, and it would be perfect! :-) Also, looking at the box of yarn also makes definition 3 applicable. Definition 4? Not so much.

    EM - Thanks! I just want to look at them in the box for awhile, all together, before I put them into their own projects! ...

  3. Very cool colors! I took the plunge and ordered some black alpaca/wool yarn off the internet.....and it was backordered....poooh. I may try again soon....hopefully with better luck. Do you already have a project in mind for the bright green? Just curious.

  4. Yes, I'm going to make those Wasabi Socks we saw in that magazine (I think it was Vogue Knitting).


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