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King of Breakfasts

Monday, February 20, 2012

I don't remember when it started--when breakfast became my favourite meal of the day.

As a kid, most breakfasts were cold Shreddies or Cheerios or Shredded Wheat, eaten in a rush and I was lucky if I had time to finish them before racing out the door to school--not really crush-inspiring.

I think it was when I started actually cooking for myself, especially with eggs. (I disliked eggs as a child. Silly me.) Sometime in my early twenties, I discovered that breakfast held so many possibilities, and it became one of my favourite meals to prepare, attend, or go out to a restaurant for.

Given the craziness that tends to be a weekday morning (and even a Sunday before church), at some point Saturday became "the day" for a big breakfast. I used to be quite creative with it, trying new things all the time, planning it several days in advance.

I'm pretty sure that that ended once we had children. Saturday mornings then became my day to catch up on sleep--the sleep I had either been deprived of by children or deprived myself of trying to accomplish more than possible in a 24-hour-stretch. Since I am the night owl, and Jason usually gets up with the light, it was win-win for us--he got to sleep in a couple of hours past his normal wake-up time (assuming we remembered to close the black-out blinds the night before), and I got to sleep in a couple of hours past mine.

I'm not sure when it happened exactly--the transition has been slow, oh-so-slow. However, I realized a few weeks ago that somehow, over the last five years, I have lost my title as the "Queen of Breakfasts". I probably make breakfast (for someone besides myself) once a month, on average. That's right--Jason cooks the porridge on weekdays. He cooks the pancakes on Saturday morning. And lately, he has started doubling the batch so we just toast the leftovers on Sunday--the one day I had still been in front of the stove first thing.

I don't mind--I am happy to relinquish my crown. The King makes really yummy pancakes, after all.

DSC04163 web.jpg

And lately, he's been starting to train a Prince, too.

DSC04188 web.jpg

DSC04187 web.jpg

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