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Monkey Turns 8!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

As the kids settled in for the Children's Moment with Mr. Krahn at church on Sunday morning, we all heard, "It's my birthday!"

"Well, happy birthday, Mr. Winters," Lauren responded jovially.

Noah was so. excited. And the day didn't let him down.

After church, we had several of his friends over to help him celebrate the achievement of the Big Number Eight. I say "achievement," because he has had some kind of mental milestone put in place at some point in his life (I'm not sure by whom), and I have been hearing more than once over the last few weeks that once he is eight, he will be a "big kid." Okee-dokee... Check that one off the list, I guess!

The predicted "cold snap" referenced in my last post was short-lived--only Saturday and Sunday, and it wasn't really even that cold. So, after the pizza, and the chocolate strawberry shortcake (which EVERYONE was glad that Noah requested!), and the adults had had a few minutes to digest, Jason hauled those kids who wanted to go around on our field on sleds behind the truck.

For the first time ever, no spit on the cake! Yay!!

This birthday, I wanted to make something special for Noah. He had been really wanting to get some Angry Birds plushies, but the steep prices had turned me off. He had thought about saving up for them himself, he wanted them so badly. Well, lo and behold, about two weeks ago I found a wonderful tutorial someone had put together for free about how to make them over at Obsessively Stitching. Easy, and I already had several of the colours of fleece. I got excited... and even moreso once I realized how fast and fun they were. This is my first time doing applique of any kind, and the little guys were so cute I kinda went overboard... and made one for each of the guests as party favours.

So, because of that, I had a few late nights, and didn't get quite as many of the different kinds of birds done up for Noah pre-birthday-party as I would have liked. (It's a little tricky when I can only work on it after they are in bed... which of course, I now no longer have to worry about.) However, the look on Noah's face when he opened the gift bag and saw them was TOTALLY worth it!

DSC04350 cropped web.jpg

Also, Noah lost another tooth that day. (See the new gap on the bottom left?) I think he has chalked it up to one of his best days ever.

Monkey and his Angry Birds

Since Sunday, I can't tell you the number of times I have heard, "Mom, are you going to make some more Angry Birds now?" It's cute... a little really annoying, but cute.

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  1. Yeaaahh!! for birthday number 8! But as an uninformed adult......what/where/why/who are Angry Bird .....forget that....just did the research and checked it out. So does Noah play the game lots? Looks like tons of fun!
    Love ya!

  2. Yes, Noah is obsessed... but (coming from someone who doesn't like video games much), I have to confess that it can be a little addicting... :-) All the boys, and Jason too, like to play it.


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