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Not for Lack of Desire... or maybe it is.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I want to post. Honest. There just seems to be so much else to do right now. Like knit. And sew. (One of the things I want to post about, actually.) And recover from the nasty cold that Jude so generously shared with me. (Almost gone now. Yay!)

So, I will be posting a "real one" soon. But now, after a night of catching up on a back-log of school tracking and prep, I'm tired of sitting in front of this computer... and let's face it: it's 10:30 p.m., and I'm just tired.

However, I did finish Jude's gloves. (He opted to not do a "flip-top" after all, so no glittens this time.)

DSC04210 web.jpg

DSC04215 web.jpg

And he wants to keep the liners separate instead of sewn-in, so as to have more versatility with warmth vs. weather:

G.I. Joe Glove Liners

Plus, I made a hat for a friend:

Brock Beanie

And I'm also almost finished some gloves for Noah, and a second hat for Jabin.

See? I toldja I'd been busy! :-)

More updates coming soon!

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  1. I believe ya!! Me too. Started working on my third pair of reading mittens last night. Gave Grandma her pair yesterday, and she's making good use of them this morning as our furnace is not functioning super well (that's an overstatement!), and it takes a while for the stove to warm things up.


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