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Sewing the Tramp (or the Sewing Tramp?)

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Today, we did some spring maintenance on our trampoline. First, we replaced some bolts that had worked loose and gone missing. Then, we decided that rather than unlace the entire net so I could pull it inside to sew on an elastic strap that had broken off, it would actually be easier to sew it right there on the trampoline.

This is definitely a first for me--sewing outdoors. If a tramp is a promiscuous woman, (anytime, anywhere), would sewing a tramp ON a tramp make me a sewing tramp? ;-)

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  1. Hmmmm.....or perhaps a tramp sewer?? Necessity is the mother of invention.....and you did good!!
    And I'm sure the boys are putting your sewing job to the test already!

  2. Yes, they put the trampoline to use right away--the results of which will be the subject of today's post! :-)


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