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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Yesterday when I was in Walmart with Noah and Jabin, we saw a stack of licensed T-shirts in children's sizes that were only $7 each. Notably, there were several types of Angry Birds shirts, for which they had been asking. This game has not yet lost its popularity in our house. Since the price was reasonable, and within budget, I said we could get some for each kid. (Actually, Jude got Sonic the Hedgehog, since that's more his "thang". When he got home from school and found out, he was thrilled.)

The boys were so excited, they could barely wait to wear them. When we got home, the first thing Noah did was take his out of the shopping bag and try to remove the tag. Daddy got the announcement and Show-and-Tell from each kid when he walked in the door. With that kind of anticipation, and after several requests from Jabin, I made sure that I washed them all last night, even folding them in the wee hours on my way to bed so they would be ready for the boys to wear this morning.

When I came out this morning, Jabin was dressed in his new shirt, Noah was sitting on the couch in his p.j.s.

Time to get dressed, Noah! Your new shirt is on the dryer, if you want to wear it.

No, I'm going to wear it Saturday.

     (taken aback)
You're not wearing it today?

No, I always wear new shirts on Saturdays.




     (Crickets chirping.)


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  1. What he didn't say but was thinking way far back of his brain is that it is a video game shirt. So you wear it on the day you are allowed to play lots of video games. Come on Mom it's obvious.


  2. (giggle) Jason's comment spoken like a true man!!


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