Dinner and a Show

Saturday, July 14, 2012

A few weeks ago, I installed a new garden spot near the house, with a fake fence section as the main feature. I was determined to have some flowers this year (other than the millions of wild ones we typically get--they are nice, but I miss pansies.)

This fellow thought I put that fence in there just for him.

DSC05149 crpd web.jpg
(Still some work to do on the garden, but Robin doesn't care. The stage is set!)

His cheery song through the open kitchen window made all the work of digging those post holes worth it.

Once in a while, he puts in a re-appearance.

DSC05157 fxd web.jpg

Funny, after living in Alberta nearly my whole life, I had never known which exact birdsong belonged to a robin before.

Thanks, little Pavarotti.

DSC05154 fxd web.jpg

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