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Friday, August 17, 2012

I have been doing a fair amount of research on Victorian England this week, and I have learned so much I think my brain is starting to melt.

But here's a quick fact that I just came across that might be news to you fellow "North American" types.

Have you ever wondered why we say someone is "pleased as punch?" I have. Often. How could a beverage be pleased? Pleas-ing, maybe but "pleased?"
Well. According to Wikipedia, it is "pleased as Punch." As in, Mr. Punch of the centuries-old iconic puppet show, "Punch and Judy." And after which the iconic London satirical magazine publication Punch (which closed in the last decade after a 150-year publishing history) was named. Which I knew nothing about (other than vague references to the names "Punch and Judy") an hour ago, either.

Do you feel smarter, now? I do. :-)

Happy Friday, friends!

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