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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Jude has recently discovered Microsoft Paint. And gotten his first e-mail account. While the etiquette training for e-mail has been being directed by Jason and me (and I apologize to those of my readers that have had to bear with him in the learning process), we've pretty much let him explore MS Paint on his own. This is the picture he e-mailed to Jason and me on Friday:

And this is the picture that Noah drew in church today. I think he would have left the characters unlabelled, but Jude drew a very provocative picture of Noah first, so the labelling was a bit of comeback. :-)

So much fun. :-)

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  1. Huh, strange that Noah would choose to identify with Pac-Man rather than the ghosts.

    Here we have a character that runs around a maze being terrified of the supernatural and constantly popping tiny pills to keep himself going. Occasionally he gets a hit of the "good stuff" which turns him into a rage monster who, through the power of these mind and body altering substances, temporarily conquers his fear enough to attack the ghosts before they go back to hounding him.

    Moral of the story: Lock up your medicine cabinet or Noah just might take Jude out?

    ... btw, I love the chef's hat on the T-Rex :D (you can call it a cloud behind him if you want. Art is interpreted by the beholder, the piece is a little abstract, and to me, that's a chef's hat!)

  2. Well, if you think about it, it might not be too far off... "Pills" = "food". "Good stuff" = "Fruit candy with red dye that I sneak when I can find it". Result: hypermaniac child.

    ... And I thought it looked more like a painter's cap. ;-)


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