Whose Shirt Is It, Anyway?

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Fall. The time when the leaves fall from the trees, the garden gets harvested... and the clothing gets exchanged.

Yesterday was the day when the winter coats, scarves, mitts, and hats got brought out, sorted out, and hung up. There was much excitement when each boy got a "new" coat (really his older brother's from last year. The only one with a "new" coat is Jude, who got a nearly-new coat that was a hand-me-down from someone else.) Since we haven't actually had snow, yet, the winter boots are still tucked into an easily-accessible box in our Sea Can.

Yesterday was also the day of the seasonal clothing shift. Starting at the top, each boy's clothes were sorted and re-assigned to the boy they now fit better.

Now it is just up to Mommy to remember which boy was last wearing which shirt when she is sorting out the clean clothes next week. :-)

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