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Make-Your-Own Superhero

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Not sure what this boy is supposed to be... cowboy ninja? Aussie warrior? Gladiator?

Whatever. He's pretty cute, for a guy with a Nerf football mace.

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  1. The make your own superheroes are the very best kind.

    An Arkies Musings

  2. Very creative! Wish I could be up there during some of the "warm" snow days. Those are the best for snowmen, snow forts, and snow balls. Miss you guys tons!

  3. These little guys are such posers. My soon to be 9 yrs old - you can never get a simple straight picture of him. Its always one pose or the other.

  4. Richie - I agree completely. :-)

    Mom - Ah, those warm snow days, where have they gone? Now, it's just "snow days." So. Done. with snow.

    ~nm - Totally! I have THREE that are hard to get a "straight" picture of! :-) They make my life fun. Thanks for commenting!


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