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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Levi has some of the widest feet I have ever seen on a baby. This makes it very difficult to find shoes for him.

Jude had a similar problem at this age--he had very chubby feet with a high instep. Different foot shape, same issue with shoe buying. That made summer great, because sandals--especially the kind with Velcro in two places over the top and one around the back of the heel--are so adjustable and forgiving. (That is, when you feel the need for shoes at all.)

Well... do you think I could find a pair of sandals like that when I took my little man shopping for some footwear about a month ago?

Not in this small town. But what I did find at Walmart were some of the knock-off cheap-o (YAY!) garden clog style shoes, only thing in his size, with--guess what?--very wide feet.

In the last few days, these have been Levi's favourite things to wear. He goes and finds them from the shoe stash in our entrance first thing int he morning, brings them to you (one at a time, sometimes), and stands there holding them out to you, making his little ascending-pitch "uh?" sound that is his general word whenever he has a question or wants something. Once you help him put them on, he is happy as a clam, proud as punch, and wears them for pretty much the rest of the day. (Mommy takes them off at nap times, so he has to go find them again afterwards.)

I totally understand the appeal of a great pair of rocking, comfortable shoes, so I guess I can't complain. And really, in the face of all that cuteness, who would?

BamBam's favourite clogs.

Everything's better with your favourite shoes on.

BamBam's clogs

BamBam sportin' his clogs.

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