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We are Spartans!

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

When Jason started talking about entering the Edmonton Spartan Race back in January, I may have had misgivings, but I kept them to myself. I even managed to do so after he entered the kids into their own version of the race.

Well, I'm glad I did.

The race was near Devon, Alberta, this past weekend. The boys and Jason were all so excited about it, and having that goal to work toward kept them motivated to do extra exercise, even through the cold winter months.

Here's the CTV news article (with video) about the race.

Noah's rarin' to go!

Jabin ran first in the 6- & 7-year-old boys' heat.
Jude and Noah were together in the 8- to 12-year old boys' heat. Jude has just come through an obstacle here. Noah's a little farther behind. (See him in the top right corner, still heading up the hill?)

Noah was determined and having fun!
"We. Are. SPARTANS!!"
 It was already a hot day at noon when the kids' races were held. By 2:30, when Jason's heat left the starting line, it was a cool 35 degrees Celsius, with not a hint of breeze in the valley. Eep.

Just after the start--straight up the ski hill! Jason's in there somewhere, honest. :-)
 After a trip up and down the ski hill, the first obstacle presented itself right in front of the crowds for our viewing pleasure: climb up a net to the top of one Sea Can, then across the net between it and the next one, then once you get down, jump into a mud pit (a deep one) and try to scramble out the other side. Then, back up the hill again. (They had to climb the hill a total of four times throughout the course.)

 Jason waits his turn (centre of frame with sunglasses.)
Three miles and about an hour later, during which time we bystanders were not able to see our favourite contestants because they were out of view (but apparently experiencing a lot more mud), we saw Jason crest the wooden wall that signalled he was near the end.

One last cannonball into a mud pool, plus some burpees (also in the mud) because he opted not to climb the slimy rope to reach the bell (the only obstacle Jason passed on out of fifteen total), and then getting bunted by some muddy padded sticks operated by muddy, muscular volunteers, and he was finally done!

 Unfortunately, they had run out of water to wash off in, and it was nearly another hour before the water truck came with more. It made for a long, hot day. Thank goodness the van has air conditioning! (Not that Jason got to get into it before he was cleaned up! :-D)

Other than the heat, the only other downer for the day was having to take Levi to Devon's emergency ward after the races to see a doctor and get a subscription to deal with impetigo--what had started off as a scraped nose and a few mosquito bites, or so we thought, we knew had to be something more by Friday on our way to Sylvan Lake.

Despite how crusty and awful it looks, this little guy did awesome all day, with no more than the usual "I've-been-stuck-in-a-seat-too-long" type of complaints. Now, four days later, he is healing up quite nicely and looking much more like his adorable, normal self.

Ready for a day at the races. :-)

Add in the time we got to spend with our families, and this was a pretty awesome weekend.

Plus! I got to play with my new camera!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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