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Jolly Holiday

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Not this past weekend, but the one before, our family got to take a weekend trip that didn't involve a funeral. What it did involve was only a three-hour drive to get there, and a hotel with a pool! It was wonderful.

2013 09 14_0237 fxd web.jpg

We all had a good time in Fort St. John, B.C., especially since fall is the loveliest time of year along the Peace River Valley. The colours were slightly more advanced there than here, and on the Sunday, we had to take a drive out to a lookout to take in a new view of the Peace River before heading home.

Another kind tourist, seeing my frustrations trying to work the remote shutter on my fancy-pantsy new camera, kindly offered to take a family photo of us. Other than Levi being sick, grumpy, and needing a nap, it turned out pretty good, I thought. (At least we're all looking at the camera, for a change.)

2013 09 15_0716 edtd 8x10 web.jpg

Thank you, Fort St. John, for a great end to the summer.

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