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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Big Shoes to Fill

Levi has been going through the phase where wearing grown-ups shoes is the coolest.

Last Saturday, I had to go looking for my boots when I was getting dressed, because he had walked with them all the way down to the living room while I was still in "waking up" mode.

On this particular day, he was already wearing his own little Robeez slippers. But apparently, that wasn't quite enough. He must also wear his big brother's slippers.

Munchkin in Spiderman Slippers

Munchkin in Spiderman Slippers 2

But really, how can you pass up the chance to wear Spiderman slippers? Especially when the eyes light up?!

(As you can see by the second photo, his bellybutton is also the coolest right now. :-D)

(And when those eye teeth finally come in, he'll have a full grin at last!)

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Blogger Laurel said...

Yup, he's a cool little dude!! Love his sweet grin.

9:12 am, November 14, 2013  

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