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Super-Jabin turns 8

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Nearly two weeks ago, my third-born son celebrated yet another birthday. Hard to believe that it's been eight years since he looked like this:

For his eighth birthday, Jabin decided he wanted a superhero party. Since this seems to be the year for big birthday celebrations, I said okay. Then he said he wanted to invite everyone in his class, and then some. Given that we already had one big (read: expensive, even if there were only two guests) birthday in November, I said not okay. As it was, we ended up with seven extra boys in our house for the party last weekend.

It was loud, and wild, and crazy, and totally fun. I did not get Jabin's "The Flash" pajamas/costume finished in time for the party, so he improvised a Superman costume from a blue shirt, a printed logo pinned on the front, a yellow fleece belt cut out and pinned on at the last minute, and a red cape from our "Tickle Trunk". Several of the guests came dressed up, too. Noah opted to be a Jedi Knight, and Jude created some kind of Untitled Dark Hero costume from sunglasses, a cape, a mask, and some cool gelled hair. Dressing up is one of life's little pleasures, I think.

Some balloons, a bright tablecloth, another birthday party kit purchased from SimoneMadeIt and several hours of printing, cutting, and prepping (which Jason helped with a great deal, thankfully) made the decorating easy, and meant inventing more fun food names--"Spidey Soda", "Green Lantern Go-Juice", "Green Goblin Grapes", "Super-Food Platter" (veggies), "Pop!-Corn", and more.

Guests got to shoot Nerf gun darts at three super-villain posters Jason downloaded from the internet, and had to guess their super-hero or super-villain identity (taped to their back) using "yes" or "no" questions. They also did a good job in coming up with their own entertainment. With a housefull of eleven boys, there was wrestling, racing, and when we got tired of that, mild temperatures meant they got to play outside for awhile.

Jabin and his guests all had a great time, and we had a fun time planning and executing the party--but Jason and I were very glad that the next day was much more relaxed! We needed the recovery time!

And I am also very thankful that I have a couple of months before I have to worry about the next round of birthdays... :-)

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