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What's a Flulk?

Monday, February 10, 2014

Jabin burst into the living room between the two chairs where Jason and I were seated as we waited for the kids to get themselves ready for bed. I was bent over some hand-stitching work and Jason was browsing the internet on his iPad, but not for long--Jabin is never one to simply enter a room. He makes an entrance.

"Look! I'm The Flulk!" he exclaimed, arms wide in the well-practised flourish a magician gives after he has just done his latest incredible, belief-defying trick, grinning from ear to ear. Jason and I looked up and burst out laughing.

Jabin had his pajamas on--but the pants were the red-legged, yellow-lightning-booted flannel ones I had made for his "The Flash" pjs a couple of months ago, while the shirt was the sleeveless black-and-green knit top of a set of "Hulk" pajamas, a screened rubber image of The Hulk ripping through the fabric on the front.

"Maybe you're 'The Hash', instead," suggested Jason.

I love how Jabin laughed at both his own joke, and the one that Jason made, for at least sixty seconds straight.

I may have gotten a giggle or two of my own out of it, too... :-)

Happy New Week, friends!

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