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Noah's Turns Ten

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Two weeks ago today, Noah hit double digits.

Hard to believe that this "little man" is now passing the decade mark. In honour of the occasion, I decided it was high time for a list.

Ten Things I Love About You
  1. Your smile.
  2. Your sensitive spirit.
  3. Your goofy sense of humour.
  4. How affectionate you are.
  5. Your love of music.
  6. Your imagination.
  7. How, once you learn how to do something, you always try to do your best and get it right.
  8. Your artistic side.
  9. The comics you create. (Sub-topic to #8. :-D)
  10. Your hugs.
For Noah's birthday, he wanted a pirate party (costumes optional--YAY! I didn't have to sew anything new!), so the Saturday night after he turned 10 our house became the centre of activity for all kinds of scallywags.

Jude helped make some party decorations, including a bang-up Jolly Roger. The boys all blew up and hung balloons. (Well, Jason did most of the hanging. And Levi mostly chased balloons and popped them.)

As per usual, I left things until too close to the last minute (thanks to an unplanned, last-minute trip to Lacombe the weekend before to visit my grandmother, when I was planning on completing all the party preparations), so I actually had to put my mother and Amanda M. to work helping me finish the birthday banner when they arrived! Oh, well, at least the food was ready, for once! :-)

Kid's got "'Staches and Tats" galore, and ended up covering foreheads, hands, and arms. Jabin thought a beard was in order. Darryl thought Groucho Marx was in order. :-)

The activity that surprised us with its popularity was that all the kids got to decorate a white balloon with a permanent marker before they went home. They were very intent on it, and got really creative.

'Twas a fun night had by all! Argh, matey!

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